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RaySAMi Software License Management

Software License Management

RayVentory in association with SmartTrack from Aspera 





RayVentory Smarter Software and Hardware Inventory

Smarter Software and Hardware Inventory 





RayVentoryAdvanced Taking Inventory One Step Ahead

Taking Inventory One Step Ahead

RayVentory in association with the Comparex Profiler DNA 



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  • The Installation of Software

    requires to comply with specific license terms and conditions. And every license that doesn’t find its way into license management – and whose product use rights are consequently not accurately catalogued – prohibits efficient planning and ultimately undermines the value of SAM while simultaneously increasing the risk of failing a software audit.


    With RaySAMi, a clever combination

    of Raynet’s RayVentory inventory solution and Aspera’s SmartTrack license management tool, companies are able to gain control of their increasingly sprawling software portfolios. 
    Specifically developed to nimbly integrate into mature processes and meet the complex requirements of global enterprises,
    Ray-SAMi equips ITAM and ITSM with the data and processes needed to meet the demands of the consumerization of IT and seamlessly integrate the realms of Virtualization, BYOD, and Cloud Computing with SAM. Designed to specifically meet the demands of globally operating enterprises, RaySAMi is the first license centric catalogue-based technology which tracks and manages licenses against a backdrop of complex metrics and contract data.



    RaySAMi - Software License Management

  • RaySAMi Components


    • Intelligent software and hardware inventory done by RayVentory

    SAM Intelligence Module

    • Identify opportunities and risks that exist in your software environment with the help of historical reports and trend analysis
    • Forecast your budget for future quarters/years
    • Calculate your future software usage
    • Optimize your contracts by taking into account all information on software usage and existing licenses

    Data Management

    • Expansion of the management functionality
    • Presentation of the overall performance of your
      license management
    • Dynamic, personalized dashboard with management widgets to represent all statements which are critical for decision making and KPIs
  • RaySAMi Components 

    License Control for SAP

    • Appropriate and cost-reduced licensing of SAP systems
    • Centralized availability of information about SAP licenses and types
    • Reduce the need through user consolidation
    • Requirement calculation per employee
    • Adjustment of the type of the license to the actual needs of each employee
    • Automated licensing according to the customer specific SAP contracts

    Contract Management Module

    • Administration and communication of framework agreements for license procurement even in complex organizational structures
    • Monitoring of the current usage rate of the agreed quotas
    • Active contract management based on license agreements of control and analysis functions
  • RaySAMi Components 

    Optimization and Simulation

    • Static compliance reports are transformed into a dynamic projection of an optimized target scenario
    • Support of decision making for continuous optimization of licensing and infrastructure costs

    Master Catalog

    • About 345,000 unique product use rights (PURE)
    • Unique pricing mechanisms for more than 40,000 products
    • Over 300,000 unique SKU numbers
    • On average of more than 90% correct recognition of all products in relation to their respective SKU
  • RaySAMi Components 

    Flow Control

    • Powerful process framework and workflow engine
    • Analysis and assignment of the current license assets, generating order requests, transmission to purchasing, message of the new status to the software deployment and IT service management
    • Development of a real-time image of the entire process


    • Supplement of the compliance consideration to the cost perspective
    • Flexible, graphical representation of the IT costs through the integrated reporting engine
    • Chargeback and showback of all software-related costs
    • Fast implementation of customized charts and dashboards

    License Managment

    • Assignment of license and contract models of all manufacturers
    • Involve all software suppliers in the license management process
    • Establish connections to all asset management and discovery/inventory tools
    • Integrate every ERP solution via Web Service
    • Manage licenses, updates, certificates, maintenance and contracts worldwide
    • Configure your processes according to your company‘s needs
    • Maximize your investment thanks to unlimited scalability
    • As a web application available throughout the company
  • RaySAMi as a Service

    With RaySAMi as a service we provide the complete license management solution as a managed service. As a result you will get an actual status about your license compliance situation at any time. 

    Instead of investing a huge amount of money in SAM infrastructure and knowledge you can leverage our expertise so that you can concentrate on your core competencies.

    Raynet ensures that your organization is compliant and we will help you to optimize your license position.

    Integrating all systems

    relevant for the SAM process – from the electronic shopping cart, to enterprise app stores and automatic software deployment, to ITSM, ERP and cost allocation – RaySAMi is expertly designed to:

    • Scan physical and virtual devices on managed or unmanaged networks, including virtual servers
    • Map the license and contract models of all publishers
    • Involve all software suppliers and resellers in the license management process
    • Manage licenses, entitlements, updates, certificates, maintenance and contracts worldwide
    • Establish connections to all IT Asset Management, CMDB and discovery/inventory tools
    • Integrate every ERP and procurement/spend management solution via Web Service
    • Configure processes according to enterprise needs
    • Maximize investments thanks to unlimited scalability
  • Top Benefits

    • RaySAMi as a Service

    • Improve the compliance position in an audit

    • Master Catalog
      - Covers 80% of entire raw software inventory out-of-the-box

    • License management
      - Establishes One-Click Compliance, cost-charging, workflows and optimization
      - Offers cloud and on premise installation of RaySAMi
      - Enables data quality management
      - Delivers dashboards and KPI monitoring
      - Provides Software and Hardware Asset Management

    • Inventory
      - Agentless inventory for every unmanaged device collecting inventory data on file share, web or USB pen drive: even highly secure devices can be scanned
      - Cloud based Inventory
      - vSphere inventory management: inventory data collection locally or remotely without the need for a direct network connection to ESX/vCenter servers.
      - Oracle Inventory Management: inventory data collection locally or remotely without the need for a direct network connection to Oracle databases.

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  • RayVentory Components - Unique Differentiators


    For every unmanaged device collecting inventory data on file share, web or USB pen drive: even highly secure devices can be scanned to allow you to work around the issue of collecting information from devices which are not connected to the network and to remain compliant with Data Protection regulations by not placing any agent on the end-users device.

    Virtual Inventory Management

    Inventory data collection locally or remotely without the need for a direct network connection to virtualization hosts/ vCenter servers. With this feature, you can collect details about a virtual environment or standalone ESX, Hyper-V, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris servers.

    Oracle/ Microsoft SQL Inventory

    Data collection locally or remotely without the need for a direct network connection to Oracle/ Microsoft SQL databases. This allows you to collect and store database inventory details in one central place.
    During an Oracle LMS audit various scripts need to be executed on each Oracle database, which can become a very time-consuming process. This feature allows collecting such details on a regular basis almost effortlessly.
  • RayVentory - Smarter Software and Hardware Inventory

  • As the IT landscape

    of any enterprise is changing rapidly, discovering what software applications and what licenses are installed in your company is not an easy task.
    It is however a necessary step to perform in preparation for an OS migration or for an audit. Organizations today often have geographically distributed office locations, some of which have restricted network access due to security or plain logistics. Work councils and data protection rules can also hinder the collection of data in large enterprises.
    All these factors make it difficult for IT administrators to perform software application discovery, which is crucial when starting a software asset management project or when faced with an audit.

    Companies typically

    have to revert to manually scanning their devices, which then becomes a never-ending, expensive task with often inaccurate results.

    RayVentory offers comprehensive hardware and software scans

    either with an agent or through Zero-Touch agentless technology. It is a web or USB-pen drive which enables the discovery of computer devices, virtualization hosts (VMware, Hyper-V, Unix) and Oracle/ Microsoft SQL database instances. It provides a smart scan and data gathering of physical and virtual devices at low cost as well as comprehensive reports about hardware, software, virtualization and database servers. In addition RayVentory removes barriers of complex IT, network and firewall infrastructures and possible limitations imposed by work councils allowing data gathering initiated by the end user himself.

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  • RayVentory Advanced

    RayVentory Advanced is

    RayVentory in association with the Comparex Profiler DNA. Comparex Profiler DNA is a unique Tool to identify the software raw data delivered by RayVentory.

    Product recognition

    The product recognition definitions are created by a specialized team. Your inventory is compared with the existing recognition rules.


    The software part of Comparex DNA is an integration of database objects in the corresponding host asset management system.
    During setup, all tables and procedures are created, which are required for the software definitions and its calculation functionalities. The software for all relevant clients is calculated and cached using just one procedural execution.


    The calculated software contains information about the software vendor, product version and edition, license type and upgrade and downgrade paths. The calculation creates a list which maps software and client.



24/7 Support

Got stuck somewhere? Never mind. Our support team is
available 24/7 and will be happy to assist with words and deeds. The Raynet Support Panel allows to open new support requests
and check the status of existing ones from any device with a browser and web access.



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We provide trainings for all Raynet and partner products and services within the Application Lifecycle Management. Our first-class trainings are tailored to our customer’s needs and are being permanently updated. Current software releases are being used and adjusted to changing requirements. Jointly with experienced project managers and a large network of partners and trainers, Raynet has built a high degree of competence in the development of new topics and is constantly adapting them to customer needs.


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